Getting Roasted!

Today is a senior sendoff for my chapter. My fraternity held a meeting to honor all those who are leaving and not coming back next semester. That means seniors who are graduating and those who are going into fifth year. So every senior who were there finally got to be roasted by other brothers. I mean as in speech, a roast. A roast, you can say, is a type of speech that typically make fun of the person in a good way. For example, I got roasted by my brothers. One piece of my roast is that why do I like to live in a first-year floor since I have been a RA for three years. One of my brothers said that I live in a first-year floor so I can look younger during my time at UD. I laughed so hard. But that was just one small piece. I got many pieces of the roast thrown at me and I kept laughing. Many brothers laughed as well. We had many roasts. We had many laughs. It is hard to believe that it is our last chapter before many of us graduate.