God Bless Those People

"I thought to myself, ""Do not grieve.""

While I was doing well in academics this past week, University of Dayton is very small place compared to the whole wide world.

There has been an accident in Buffalo on recent Thursday night. So many lives were lost.

For many times, I would fly back home and fly back to Dayton. I have many reasons for flying. The main reason for flying back home is my family. The main reason for flying back to Dayton is my education. Right now, I may not have the strength to fly due to recent accident. However, I do have reasons and faith to fly.

God forbid if something happens to me whenever I am flying onboard a plane.

Unlike many of my friends who are impressed with my determination and dream, I organized a plan for my life ahead of me. I am planning to be an astronaut mission specialist with medical background. Since I was a child, I always wanted to be an astronaut ""to roam the night sky with a spaceship."" In doing so, I need to go to four year university, to go to medical school, to apply for astronaut candidate program, and of course to be an astronaut.

I am planning to live my life to the fullest. That is why I cannot grieve right now. Because those people, who were on the plane and on the ground when the accident occurred, lived their lives to the fullest. They left numerous legacies in this world. They were amazing people. God bless those extraordinary people.