Good Morning!

I woke up around six o'clock as usual. I decided to go to KU to get light breakfast. When I showed up at KU, it was quieter and few people. I brought a donut and cranberry juice. I know that was not much. My Tuesday morning class does not start until nine o'clock, which is about less than an hour and fifteen minutes away.

I just remembered that the Flyer News is looking for people to join for next year's staff. So I will just stop by the Flyer News office to get the application.

I did not realize how nice KU is in the early morning. Maybe I should start coming here in KU often at seven o'clock in the morning to work on my assignments and to eat breakfast.

Did I mention that I might not come home until Christmas? Yep, I am considering staying in UD and Beavercreek. It is a good idea to take summer classes so I can start some of my classes for my sophomore year and catch up with my chemistry lecture and lab. But I did not realize that I might not come home for a very long time. Maybe I will get to be home for a short time while I can because I truly miss Julian, Jake, my father, and my mother.

Well, I have to go now! So good morning and have a great day!