Good Morning!

This morning, I went to Kennedy Union cafeteria to have a breakfast. Once I bought my breakfast with my Flex, one of the different meal plans with the university, I decided to grab a seat for me to study alone and to eat alone. That is what I would do. But that would not be typical morning for me.

My typical morning occurred this morning. When I was looking for a seat, I saw Kurt, one of my friends. Kurt was in my CHM 123 last year. CHM 123 is a general chemistry I at UD.

So my typical morning would be having breakfast and/or studying with friends.

That is what I just did. I sat at the same table where Kurt was. We caught up with how each of us is doing in this school year so far. He told me his basketball practices and classes he took over the summer. I told him about my RA job and organic chemistry class.

I do not think it is a case for any UD student to eat alone often in the morning. I see my friends everywhere I go.