Good Morning UD!

I came all the way to my 8 AM class, which is introduction to philosophy, in Humanities from Stuart. At the first five minutes in the class, my philosophy professor decided to give me and my classmates who showed up five extra credit points and allowed us to leave 45 minutes early. Not a lot of people showed up. It might be -13 degree Fahrenheit weather outside.

I told my professor that I came all the way from top of the Stuart Hill. I knew it is freezing outside, but classes are still taking places all over the university. Several other classmates told me that Stuart is not good location to come from, considering the fact that Stuart residents have to walk long way and to stand cold weather.

My next class, which is general to chemistry II, does not start until 10 AM. I guess I can just study more about chemistry in the Hangar, one of the good study and hang out places on campus.