Good Morning UD!

Today is the first day of classes. I woke up around 7 in the morning. I got dressed and went to the front desk to see if I have any message or if there is any problem last night. There is nothing going on which is a good thing!

I went to Kennedy Union cafeteria for breakfast. There, when I was waiting for my breakfast order, I met someone I saw at the RecPlex last night. She was one of the many upperclassmen who helped many first year students to have fun at the RecPlex. New Student Orientation 2009 held a huge team builder for the first year students with a help of a wonderful representative from PlayFair company and supports from upperclassmen. PlayFair is a truly a wonderful attraction where people get to know other people in an event through biggest team builder.

I asked her how was the PlayFair. She said it was awesome. I was at the PlayFair event only for less than 30 minutes. Last night's PlayFair lasted two hours.

When I got my breakfast order, I paid the meal. I took a seat. I was anxious about today until the same girl, who I met earlier while waiting for my order, asked me if she can eat breakfast with me. I told her sure!

We introduced ourselves to each other. I didn't ask her name so I asked her. She told me her name. I told her my name. We spoke little about ourselves since we got jobs to do. She told me she got about five minutes. I told her that I do not mind because I also planned to leave in few minutes.

It is really nice to start a day with another UD person. Especially if I don't know that person. Especially so little time.

So good morning, UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON!