Happy Anniversay, Lolo & Lola!

For many of you who don't know, Lolo means grandfather and Lola means grandmother in Tagalog, a language that my parents speak. Tagalog is often referred as a main dialect in the Philippines.

I am referring to my grandparents of my mother.

When I was younger, I was looking forward to going to my mother's family reunion in Toronto in Canada to celebrate my grandparents' wedding anniversary.

Six years ago, my Lolo passed away on the exact same day of his 63rd wedding anniversary.

Four years ago, my Lola passed away.

Nevertheless, they did have a good life together with their nine children, their friends, their siblings, their grandchildren, and their great grand children.

I did not go to Toronto today to celebrate their wedding anniversary. My grandparents know how important my school is and my mother knows that I love school.

Some of you may be asking why I chose to blog about my grandparents. As you can see, Lola is my mother's mother. Lola lived her whole life as a Marian, someone who follows an example of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Thus University of Dayton. My grandmother was a devout Catholic and a strong Marian. University of Dayton is a Marianist, Catholic university.

My extended family often serves as one of the many inspirations for me to do better in my life.

Many UD students come to UD with families encouraging them to do great and better in life.

Like every single UD student, I could not ask for a better family that inspires, supports, and loves me.