Happy [belated] Mother's Day!

"What do I think of Star Wars? Oh wait, I mean Star Trek!


Tonight, I went to see Star Trek. AGAIN! For the second time with my mother. The first time was last week's Thursday night with my two brothers and their friend.

I made two gifts for my mother's day. One is that I gave her my final draft of my final English paper. My paper talks about why there should be a medical doctor aboard the first ever space mission to Mars. My English professor told me that my paper is my best work out of all of the papers I made in winter semester. Other one is that I took her out to see the new movie, Star Trek. My mother used to watch the original series of Star Trek, the one with Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner.

I used to watch several episodes of the original series on Sci-Fi channel when I was young. I thought the show was very interesting. Enterprise's scientist and second in command, Spock, and the ship's medical doctor, ""Bones"", were kind of inspirations for me.

My mother is also an inspiration for me. She is a civilian medical officer working for the Navy. In other words, she is a nurse. Who knows if I will be a medical doctor serving the military? I wish to be an astronaut someday. I am working my way there with the University of Dayton's Premedical Program.

It is so funny how my life is leading me now. Last year, I had a meeting with Dr. Kearns, the director of the UD's Premedical Program. He read my file and told me that I would like to be an astronaut. I thought that he would laugh, but instead he did not laugh. He showed me a magazine, which it has a two-page picture of the STS-125 crew members of the NASA's space shuttle, Atlantis. With a big surprise, he revealed to me that Megan MacArthur, one of the crew members, is his niece. He told me that he will see if I can get in touch with her for the questions about process of becoming an astronaut and the astronauts program. I could not believe it!

Umm something happened today! NASA's space shuttle Atlantis was launched earlier today! Yep, with the same crew, the STS-125 Crew! What a coincidence!

My family and friends are so proud of me taking this far, despite with many things happened in my past. I can tell you that I am not a stranger to unpredictable coincidences. Even I have many difficulties in the past and more on my way. I will keep moving forward and will strive for the greater good. Why? Because this is my life!