Happy Easter!

I cannot believe that I am working on my assignments! Anyways, I would like to share with what I did in my last days of spring break. On Good Friday, I went to Centerville to hang out with my friend and Beta brother, Kevin. His family invited to their dinner. It was very nice of them to do so. Earlier that Friday, I was alone in Beavercreek for less than a day, after my relatives left for Wisconsin. At Kevin's family dinner, his mother told me that I am more than welcomed to stay over at Kevin's house for the weekend. It was nice of her to do so.

Kevin and I went back to my relatives' house in Beavercreek to get my stuff and to clean my guest room.

I stayed at Kevin's house rest of the weekend. I got to know Kevin's family. I was surprised to find that Kevin has two brothers, because I also have two brothers. It was really strange for me to find that Kevin and his oldest brother, Tim, to pick on their baby brother, Dan. That is what my brothers also do to me, my oldest brothers always tease me.

I got to spend Easter Day with Kevin's family. Kevin and his brothers did Easter eggs hunt in their house. It has been a long time since I had Easter eggs hunt.

Then on Sunday night, Kevin and I picked up Jose, our Beta brother, from the nearby airport. We came back to Kevin's house and we started a campfire in his family background, sat around the fire, burned our marshmallows, and talked.

My spring break ended with hanging out with two of my Beta brothers. Well, I have to cut the blog and get back to work!!!