Homework on Sunday Night

I tried to do my homework on a Friday night. Friday is a day to put to rest after five days of classes. I barely did my homework last Friday because I was so tired.

Hopefully, I will be able to finish my work tonight. I finished my readings of history, sociology, and music liturgy.

Even my history, sociology, and music liturgy readings are not due until Tuesday, I like to plan ahead and to do well in my classes. I would never be behind on my work.

Right now, I'm finishing up writing my organic chemistry I lab procedure. I am about to start working on finishing my physics I postlab and prelab for next experiment. After that, I am going to work on homework practices for organic chemistry I and physics I. Then I am off to bed!

So good night! I can't wait for next weekend!

This incoming weekend, UD will be hosting family weekend. Yikes, I wish my family would come and see what my UD life is like!