how hard is it to return an external hard drive!

Today, I was thinking about how to return my 500 GB external harddrive since the harddrive is still under warranty. Its a good thing that it is under warranty because I got the harddrive for Christmas then I brought it to UD only to find that it did not work.

I checked out my emails and found out that someone from the company told me how to return the harddrive. All I have to do is to fill out the online form since the empty package for my harddrive and power adapter will be sent to my house and all I have to do is to put my harddrive and power adapter in the package, pay the shipping cost to Texas, and send it there!

Hopefully, the empty package will be here in less than a week! So I can get a replacement harddrive before I go back to UD!

My 500 harddrive will benefit me in saving my files and especially my videos. I found out that this summer that I will get the Flip's UltraHD camcorder, which means that I will be able to film anything I want in clear HD! Yay!