Human Trafficking!

This is it. The moment that me and my human trafficking awareness team have been waiting for. This is the day we have been planning since last semester! Today, University of Dayton is hosting its first ever social justice convention, Consciousness Rising! The convention focuses on combating against all things and events related to human trafficking. What is human trafficking? You may ask yourself. Human trafficking is a modern-day slave trade. That is one sentence I would say. People would be confused, thinking that slavery ended years ago. I wish that is the case, but in reality, slavery still exists in our world, including our Land of the Free. America is supposed to be the Land of the Free, not the land that harbors human traffickers and slaves. 27 millions of innocent people in today's world are being held as slaves. Such a scary truth, but hey it is true. If you want to learn more, then feel free to go to the websites listed below.