I Got E-vited!

I was surprised when I received an e-vite, an online equivalent of invitation, to the Department of Communication Senior Banquet for the graduating class of 2012. I think I just choke on my tears. Just wow. Here is another thing. The dinner is on April 30. Uh-oh! That happens to be my very last day of letter-writing campaign. As well as my maternal grandmother's birthday. Just wow! The end of this journey, this chapter, is about to show. This roller coaster ride is going to make me want to scream out of happiness and sorrow. I can't believe it, University of Dayton! It is about time that UD is letting me go after four great years. There is and will always be something special about U n i v e r s i t y of D A Y T O N. I started off at UD as a premed major. I really thought that I am going to be a doctor. That dream was not real and I found my passion in writing and sharing people's extraordinary stories. The journalism industry may be changing but I am not afraid of the future! We'll see what will happen!