I'm new to this!

Hello everyone! My name is Jeremy, and I will be your new blogger for the next four years! I must say it is quite an honor to do MyLife at UD!

I can't believe that it has been more than two weeks since I got to UD! I've got a lot of stories to tell you, but I doubt I'll stuff all of those stories into this blog. I'll post some additional blogs about those experiences soon. Oh yeah! (I'm not copying what Kool-Aid Guy would say!)

First things first. I'm a first-year student. I refuse to say the f-word (of course, freshman!). I am majoring in premedicine. I'm from Virginia Beach, Virginia. My home is about 600 miles away from UD. I can't believe my friend and next door neighbor Shannon from Alaska beat me -- he's from over 3,000 miles away from UD. He's not only one who beats me. I have made several friends from China, Singapore, Indonesia, and Albania.

Like my some of my new friends, my home is far from UD. Ever since I got here at UD, I find it odd that there are two things that I haven't done: cry and get homesick. I want to get homesick! I want to cry! I just can't. The other night, I told my mother over the phone that I haven't cried so far; she told me that maybe it's because I love the University of Dayton. I do miss my mother, my father, and my brothers back home, every single day. They have been wonderful to me for nineteen years. I may have left the home in Virginia Beach, but it does not mean they're no longer my family. They are still my family. I believe my home is where my heart is. So, my family will always be there for me, when I need them the most.

I'm just merely starting a new chapter in my life: the college years.