Is Losing A Friend One Of The Real Issues In The Real World?

"Yesterday, I had a conversation with my mother about my friend from the past.

I used to be a best friend to my friend long time ago. Then I lost touch with him. A lot has changed in few years of our lives. His mother passed away tragically. I was not aware of that. I should have been there for him. I found him again since he got transferred to my school. But he is a changed teenager. I noticed a lot different about him.

I found out that he joined an organization. I noticed that he is often isolated himself from everyone, including me, which I was trying to have our friendship back after those missing years of our lives. I noticed that he reads the Bible often.

This is not the same guy I used to know. He is supposed to be himself, not other person he is trying to be. I heard that he is even isolated himself from his own family of a father and a brother, who still care and love him. This is too good to be true. Over time, I slowly accepted who he wants to be become.

I realize that there is no such thing as happy ending. His story started off with his family coming from a small country in Asia, hoping for better lives in America. Years went by, they never see a tragedy would come to their family. His mother passed away tragically. His father did not like the translator. Somewhere along the line, my friend got lost and was saved by someone from this disturbing organization. I would be so mad, if they tried to recruit him during the hard time of his life. No one has rights to take in someone who is grieving his mother's death for the purpose of the organization.

Today, my heart goes out to him, hoping that he will realize what he is doing. He is extremely young as 18 or 19 year-old. He should be in college. I found out that this organization discourages people to go to college. I just dropped my jaws.

I understand that him being heavily involved in his organization is no different than a man/woman being in the military and decided not to talk to anybody OR a man/woman being in the holy order and decided not to talk to anybody OR a student being in the college and decided not to talk to anybody, including families and friends. But to me, it is very disturbing seeing someone decided not to talk to his/her family and friends who care about him/her.

""Will I ever be his friend once again?"" is a question that I ask myself sometimes. Sooner or later, I will have to let that question go and ULTIMATELY let him go of my life. I was told that there is a high chance that he might not return to normal.

I just want my friend back. His family has their son and brother back. His friends want him back.

This is a real issue, one of many in the real world. I know that I cannot deal with this issue. Again, my heart goes out to him. I will pray that he will realize what he is doing.