It's A Wonderful Movie

"Tonight, I watched the movie, ""It's A Wonderful Life,"" with two of my college buddies Mike and Luc.

""It's A Wonderful Life"" is the first full movie that I saw while I'm on campus. I hardly have any time to watch television this semester since I have been busy with studying and working in my assignments.

So tonight, I watched television because I decided to take a break from studying for my finals.

In every commercial break, me, Mike, and Luc discussed about many random things. We talked about girls, college, marriage, and money. The movie contains those elements that inspired us to talk about them.

I really enjoyed tonight, watching movie for the first time and hanging out with them. Yep, this weekend is the last weekend of my fall semester. I find it hard to believe that I am about to finish my first semester as a college student.

This recent week, I had two final exams. This upcoming week, I have four more final exams and one project to go. I will be done with my first semester on Wednesday after my last final exam in the afternoon. I will not be flying home until the Friday night. But at least I get to go home less than a week!