Its no longer called Residence Education!

"Few days ago, I recieved an email from the director of Residence Life. I was surprised because I have never heard of Residence Life. Turned out that as explained in the email, Residence Education used to be the name I know. Residence Education is now known as Residence Life! ! !

It is quite interesting. When I go back to UD this August, I will be working for two great companies of UD! MyLife at UD and Residence LIfe. Both contain the word ""life.""

I remember last year when my mother dropped me off at UD for the last time during my UD Transitions, early NSO 2008 event for multicultral students, I did not know that she hid the book ""The Last Lecture"" by Randy Pausch, in my plastic bag of school supplies. In teh first blank page, she wrote to me

""To my dear J3, May this book inspire you more to live life to the fullest. Love always, Mom.""

I wanted to cry in my dorm because my mother left me in UD. I could not cry for days, weeks, and even months! I cried from the inside, knowing that I had spend the wonderful years of good ol' memories with my family, especially my dearest mother.

I guess it is my philosophy and one of the many cliches everyone knows - to live the LIFE to th fullest! I know that I only get to live once! "