Just Smile, Jeremy!

I went to my first class today, which is political parties, campaigns, and elections. I came in few seconds late. I know, silly me! When I took my seat and waited for further instruction and lecture, a classmate who usually sits next to me told me that she saw me in the UD Magazine! I recently got made fun of for being recognized too many times last night with some of my Beta boys. Andrew, Joe, and Mike were talking about my magazine appearance. Andrew and Mike teamed up, making sure that people get to talk to me about the article on me and people get to text me, asking me if I am that guy! I'm sure that my classmate did not know Andrew or Mike. If she does, then I am going after Andrew and/or Mike. I am just overwhelmed by recognition by so many people in the past week! I don't think it will stop for a while. Perhaps, in few weeks, things and events will return to normal! Then I went to my second class today, which is American presidency. I walked past one of my classmates and told her that I enjoyed reading her article today about the retiring professor at UD. She appreciated the comment then she told me that she enjoyed reading the article about me in the UD Magazine! Yikes! This is something I have to get used to!