Last Stop of the Night!

04.22.2012I got off the first event, which includes dinner and presentation, for Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop. The first event was in the Dayton Marriott, which is a hotel across from UD and across the river from UD Arena. I didn't have a car on campus whole year. So I just normally walk. So I walked from the hotel to UD. That's where things got really interesting. I walked through the Ghetto, which to UD students, known as the north part of the Student Neighborhood. Within few blocks I entered the area, few voices shouted out my name. I simply ignored and of course I know who those voices are coming from. Those are voices of some of my Beta brothers - Marine, Chase, Jared, Greg, and Cory. I walked few meters ahead and turned around and walked back to one of the houses, which is having a porch party! So I joined the party, getting myself involved with whatever conversation they were having. I was already exhausted and yet they invited me to join them for a bit. They clearly care for me! I A M G O I N G T O M I S S U N I V E R S I T Y O F D A Y T O N! Oh well, every journey has its own ending, don't they all?