late night talk

"Tonight, I had an interesting conversation with my roommate, Jared. I was writing my biology lab report, and then, all of the sudden, Jared asked me why I did not set my major to journalism in the first place. He knows that I have experiences in working for the media in my hometown as a newspaper correspondent and a TV reporter. He also knows that I am currently working for the Flyer News, the Flyer TV, and -of course - MyLife at UD.

Well, I have this childhood dream of roaming the night sky in a spaceship. When I was a little boy, I always wanted to be an astronaut someday. I did not give up on that dream to be an astronaut ever since.

I am majoring in premedicine. I am planning to go off to medical school afterward. He said that why should I take so many classes for premedicine, where I can actually take fair number of classes for majoring in journalism. He said that it is not necessary that I have to be a medical doctor to be an astronaut. He said that I can be an astronaut and write about what is up there.

I told him that it might not be possible. So, I went online. I checked out the NASA website on astronauts. NASA is looking for candidates that have bachelor's degree in engineering, math, or science. NASA is also looking for educators. I told Jared what NASA is looking for in people. He told me why not math? I can get my bachelor's degree in math in just four years, instead of going off to med school and beyond, after four years in premedicine. Well, I do not really enjoy math. He asked me why not a teacher. He said that being a teacher is the easiest job in the world. Why not study to be a teacher?

I asked Jared if I am people person. He firmly said yes. I hate to agree with him because I happen to know so many people on campus. Being a people person can help me being a good teacher.

I told him that journalism will be my back-up, just in case that premedicine is not working out for me. ""Roaming the night sky"" seems vague. More specifically, I want to go to Mars, the red planet. I will try my best to be the one of the first people to land on Mars. 2037 is a year that NASA set to send man to Mars. It is a long journey for me.

My long-term plan may be out of this world. There is a human expression: ""follow your heart."" My heart is set for Mars. My plan on how to get there is simply starting to map out the uncharted territories.

One of my favorite stories talks about Jesus calming the storm on the lake. I took this part out of the Gospel of Mark, which is one of required readings in my awesome religion studies class.


And a fierce squall of wind came up, and the waves were dashing up into the boat, so the already the boat was filling. And Jesus was in the stern on the cushion sleeping. And they roused him and said to him, ""Teachers, don't you care we're about to be destroyed?""

And rising, he rebuked the wind, and he said to the sea, ""Silence! Shut up!"" And the wind stopped, and there was a great calm.

And he said to them, ""Why are you such cowards? Don't you have faith yet?""

And they were frightened with great fear and were saying to each other, ""So who is this that even the wind and the sea obey him?""


The disciples were amazed to see that Jesus has such power over nature.

I am not afraid to take hard classes and I am not afraid to do great things.

For now, I am just going to rely on faith. "