Less than a week! Yikes!

This incoming Saturday, I am going to fly back to Dayton to start living on campus.

Many days ago, I left University of Dayton then fled home. I missed my UD friends. I missed taking classes. I missed studying.

This past summer, I planned carefully on how to do better this incoming fall semester and rest of the four years at UD.

Since I am going to have my resident assistant job, I have to give up some things.

1) FRIENDSHIPS - I cannot hang out anymore, but any of my friends are more than welcomed to eat with me at any UD cafeteria or to exercise with me at the RecPlex, UD's fantastic state of the art recreational complex. Or even to study with me at the Roesch Library or the living room in my fancy RA room!

2) FACEBOOK! - It is actually great to keep in touch with my friends. Seriously, I cannot be on Facebook forever to keep in touch with my friends. Let's be more professional about my careers and more private about my personal life as I get older.

Yep, those two are some things that I cannot really focus.

School is my first priority. Then my resident assistant job.

I am going to change a lot. I will make choices. And I will have to remember to have faith in myself that I can do this. I can make this work.