Letter # 2

I went to my academic department's office, which is Department of Communication at UD, to drop off a letter for a very special professor who happens to be retiring after less than four decades! One of two secretaries in the office asked me who am I. I was suddenly puzzled by her question and quickly responded to her, saying JEREMY. She told me that I got a letter. I think that was where my heart and mind metaphorically stopped for a nanosecond. Seriously, a letter? But, I don't have a mailbox in an academic department's office. Turns out that some kind stranger found a time to write me a letter after reading a now-out-in-the-open article in the recent UD Magazine copy about me. Then the same woman asked me another cake. I thought for a moment and said yes. I don't mind a cake, even I am watching what I eat. Just wow. I think I am started to get hang of this short-lived celebrity status! I ever get famous and rich later in life, I would start giving back to those who cannot help themselves!