Letter # 3

So today, I checked a mailbox. My mailbox. Turns out that I got something in there! I got a letter from a stranger. A complete total stranger. So I hold onto my letter for few hours, since I had three classes. So after my last class, I went to KU to get food to go then walked all the way to bit of center in Humanities Plaza. I ate a little. Then I decided to pull out in my bag, a letter from someone I don't even know. As I started to read, I just took a quick breath and proceeded to read the rest of the letter, reading what this letter-writer want to say to me. This woman happens to be a University of Dayton alumna. She was telling me that a recent article inspired her to write me a letter. Oh yes, that article happens to be the same article I have been not trying to talk about in the past week! Many UD alumni and students are reading that magazine all over the world now! Now the world gets to read about me. Not just UD alumni and students, but also people who are making huge differences to UD, such as donors and dignitaries. I can tell you that I enjoyed reading her letter to me! Now, I plan to write her back sooner or later!