loud music!

As some people know, I don't sleep with my sound processors during the night. My sound processors are what people would call the external parts of the cochlear implants. They are removable and have on/off switch.

So last night, I turned off my sound processors and put them away. This morning, I didn't realize that Julian (my second oldest brother) has another youth choir practice. Not knowing this, I put on my sound processors behind my ears and I noticed there is a loud music in the house.

One thing for sure, my brother's music did not wake me up. I had a long night sleep. I still have troubles sleeping probably because I miss UD so much! Only less than 26 days before I fly back to Dayton.

You can say that this morning's unexpected volume of music does not bother me. I am used to sleeping to what my former roommate or my old floormates would hear on our floor: loud party. I will surely miss seeing my floormates and roommate in the morning.

Sooner or later in August, I will have my own floormates since I will be a resident assistant! I'm excited!