Lunch with fellow President's Emissaries!

So today, I was scheduled to have a lunch with few other fellow President's Emissaries and Dr. Curran. Yes, the president of the university was there. We all had great time discussing and having lunch together. Dr. Curran spoke with us to see what is going on campus. Many of us, who were there for lunch, were graduating in May! So we, the students, discussed about hopes. Dr. Curran shared with us about his experiences being at graduation so many times during his time as the president. We also discussed about important people at UD, such as wonderful Brother Ray Fitz and many donors across the country. Brother Fitz is president before Dr. Curran. He is still active in UD and the city of Dayton. You may be wondering what food we had for lunch. Many of us had fish tacos, veggie tacos, or regular tacos! Woohoo! It was delicious! Yes, we ate tacos with the president!