Made of Honor?

So today, I have a weekly lunch with Amanda, one of my closest friends on campus. As some of you may have remember, I am confirmation sponsor of Amanda for the Catholic Church! I am so excited for her! And I am truly blessed to be chosen to be her sponsor. So we went to Marycrest Dining Hall to eat. Before we start eating, we ran into one of my pledge brothers for my fraternity this semester. He asked Amanda how did she know me. Amanda explained to him, saying that she used to date one of my former residents then she used to be one of my classmates. It was nice introducing people to one another! Building C O M M U N I T Y! WooHoo! Anyways, I was surprised when Amanda told me that I would be her man of honor. I was thinking S A Y W H A T? I know she is not getting married anytime soon. However! She wanted to let me know that she would like to choose me as her "made of honor" or "man of honor." I told her that I got bit emotional there. We both laughed. And I almost choke on my food! Oh UD! I did not know that I would inspire people and have them to enjoy me as their closest friend.