Meeting with Dean of Students!

It must be very exciting! To meet with your dean of students, if you are in a college/university. I really hope you know who your dean of students is. Because I know who is my dean of students! So I had meeting with her this morning as part of her response to my letter for her. Yes, I wrote a letter to my dean of students with a positive note! There is hardly anything bad I would say about my experience at THE University of Dayton. She knows me since my freshman year! Now, she has seen me grown into a man she never imagined in a short period of time. Four years is a short time! She said that I have changed a lot since I left home. Now with graduation approaching, I am coming home because I want to reconnect with my family. I told her that. We had a nice conversation about me, her, my letter-writing, and my entire college experience!