Meeting with Donor!

Me and one other UD student went on a lunch with prestigious donor of UD. Guess who this donor is? She happens to be one of many scholarship donors. She wanted a lunch with many of her scholarship recipients. This lunchtime, she managed to be able to make time for two gentlemen, who are gracious enough to receive such help! She was telling us what it is like working for Father Roesch and Brother Fitz. Father Roesch was a president before Brother Fitz. Brother Fitz is a president before Dr. Curran! She asked me and other student how our UD lives are going and what are our plans after graduation. Both of us are graduating in May! We couldn't be happier for people trying to help us and our time at UD! So, for all of the scholarship donors who help me and other UD students for our times, THANK YOU!