Mike is leaving Beta? How sad!

So I was in my chapter meeting today with many of my Beta brothers, including new initiated brothers. I got a disturbing text message from Mike, one of my Beta brothers. Do not confuse him with another Mike, who happens to be a campus friend of mine and nonGreek guy. So his text message was sent to me at 12:07 PM, saying "I'm quitting Beta." Just wow. Many of you know that I take Beta very seriously. If any Beta brother tries to quit Beta, then he better have a really good reason to do so. And I hardly can think of any good reason to leave Beta. Even I have thought about leaving Beta in the past all because of commitment and time. It was always the brothers that convince me to stay and to be a brother for life, not just a collegian member. Now I don't think about leaving Beta at all. Not after I graduate in May. I will still be connected with Beta for the rest of my life! Then few minutes later, I got another text message from Mike, saying that "Just Kidding! April Fools!!! Hahahhahahhahaheheheheheheheheheh." I cannot believe that I became a victim of April's Fool Day! I guess I will strike him back sometime today! Mwahahahhahahahaahahahaha!