Yep! Mike asked me if I would like to have a dinner just to catch up with what each of us did over Easter break. I told him to meet at Milano's! We did literally and we decided to dine outdoor. So the host set us our table outside. Mike and I got into talking about what we did for Easter weekend. We basically exchanged what happened and how we enjoyed our times with different families and friends. We also talked about politics and religion. And Hunger Games! That is one of many things and events that I will miss: hanging out with a friend off campus. I still can't believe that I am graduating in few weeks! Yikes! I know Mike since my freshman year. We live across the hall from each other. At first, Mike was afraid of me because of my laughs. He found my laughs disturbing and funny. We became friends later in the first semester. We became a close friends since then. So thank you UD for providing great friends for life!