Monday Mass!

Really. Today's Monday. But I am not going to lie to you. I love this day, April 30, because it is my maternal grandmother's birthday. She passed away few years ago. I don't think a day has gone by and I don't recall not thinking about my grandmother. The University of Dayton reminds me a lot about my grandmother, who happened to be a devout Catholic. Not only that, she respected Mary her whole life. UD happens to be a Catholic, Marianist university. This would usually give people goosebumps. But that is the truth! If my grandmother were alive today, she would still teach me how to life my life. Her teaching would be very consistent with the Marianist, Catholic identity. She would tell me to respect all people no matter how they are different from me. So she would tell me to respect them no matter what,even if they disrespect me or they are totally opposite of me in many ways. So, happy birthday, Lola!