My Brother Wrote Me A Letter

"This morning, I got a text message from my second oldest brother Julian saying that I am ""the man."" I send him a text reply of why he texted that to me. He said that it is because of the stuff he was not able to do. That moment when I got his reply, I knew that he is very proud of me, because I can do many great things, like going to the university, living on campus, being able to talk, and rest of the list go on.

There is not a single day that goes by, where I do not think about my family, especially Julian.

Last night, he told me to look into my wallet. I found a folded letter from him. His letter made me wanted to cry, but I just could not cry. In the letter, he explained to me that his baby brother is all grown up and he wished that he has more time with me over the winter break. I read the letter over and over. I could not stop thinking about Julian.

Julian is so proud of me. Someday soon, I am going to write him a letter from college. "