My Graduation Party! In Dayton!

I just had a graduation party at Culp's Cafe in Carillon Historical Park, which is across the river from the University of Dayton Arena and down the street away from the University of Dayton campus. And actually, Carillon Historical Park is literally is next to a street, which happens to be next to the old NCR building, which is now owned by the University of Dayton! Why did I pick and pay Culp's Cafe? Culp's Cafe is filled with the history of Dayton, dating back to 1940's when the cafe was first opened. So I want to remember my last night in Dayton, being in historical place. My mom was so impressed by the place. So as many of my guests. We had meet & greet, dinner, speeches, and desserts! We had a great time! It was a beautiful event for me!