My Last Formal Chapter

Yep, such an emotional day for me. Of course, I hid my emotions so badly! Of course, I did not cry or show happy face! I just really hid my emotions where no one can physically see them. This was it. No more attending formal chapter meeting for me. This was the last one. I remember suiting up for my rush event, which I believe to be testimonial event. I remember wearing a khaki pants, green shirt, a tie, with beige vest. Now, I remember suiting up for my last formal chapter meeting. I remember wearing a black coat, a black slack, purple shirt, and a tie. And of course, a Beta pin. I couldn't believe this happened so far and so fast! This is not my last meeting with my fraternity. Next week will be my last meeting! It will be an informal meeting, which will focus on sending off graduating seniors and perhaps some returning seniors -some of them will become a fifth-year - if they chose to not come back as members next semester. Go Beta!