Near the End of My First Year!

Only less than a month away from May 1, the last day of my first year of college!

Time really flies by quickly. I could not believe it! I did not realize that I will gain a lot from my first year. I originally thought that I will just know few people and leave with what I needed to complete my requirements as a freshman in UD's premedical program.

Things did not go as what I expected. I got good GPA on my first semester. I accepted the resident assistant job offer. I got initiated into the fraternity Beta Theta Pi with my ten brothers: Kevin, Marco, Joe, Jared, Aakash, Jose, Vincent, John, Will, and Josh. Before initiation, I met Beta brother Gerbetz, who happened to have a brother who has a cochlear implant. Brother Gerbetz is one of top reasons of why I got in the fraternity. I met Rachel, another person on campus, who also has a cochlear implant. I made good friends with many people, including Shea, Jared (my roommate), Kate (always a good friend, we always have a good time!), Annea (my favorite study buddy!), Tim, Mike, Luc (the best dude from Florida!), and rest of the list go on. I met few people on campus that have family members who work for NASA! I was often surprised to find that they do not mind if I can get in touch with their family members! Many things go on.

All of the good things and good people, I just could not believe it! A year ago, I was a high school senior praying on one night to find out where I should go after high school. I will always be a man of faith and prayers. I will blindly go where my faith will take me. My life may be full of hardships, but my life will truly be full of surprises.