No Chinese Buffet!

So Tim, Chase, and me decided to go out to Chinese buffet this past evening. When I got into the car with those funny guys, they asked me where is the nearest Chinese buffet. I was puzzled and told them that that I do not know. They thought that I knew. I don't even know where is the nearest Chinese buffet! After being on campus and going out in far away in downtown Dayton and several other Dayton suburban areas, I really don't remember going to Chinese buffet close by! I thought for a minute then told Tim to drive us to three miles south on Wilmington Pike, meaning that I actually know where is the closest Chinese buffet. Yikes! Well, I remember seeing one on Wilmington Pike, which is a long road near the University of Dayton. You can say that I have a good memory, nothing more! So we drove all the way, only to find out that buffet is closed for renovation. So I directed us to go to CJ Chan, a nice Chinese restaurant near UD. So we went and enjoyed ourselves there!