No More Battlestar Galactica!

Since Battlestar Galactica series is done, what am I going to do tonight?

For those of you who do not know what Battlestar Galactica is, Battlestar Galactica is a reimagining television series about a large group of human survivors trying to find Earth. Those human survivors fled from twelve different homeworlds, known as Twelve Colonies of Man. Their homeworlds were nuked by a group of machines known as Cylons. The story of Battlestar Galactica centered not only on humans trying to find Earth, but also fleeing away from Cylons, who wants to enslave the human survivors.

Yes, I am a diehard Battlestar Galactica fan! Anyways, last Friday, I watched the series finale, (NOT THE SEASON FINALE!), of Battlestar Galactica with my friends, Luc and Mike. The finale blew us away with many twists and surprises.

Now that Battlestar Galactica is over. I can play capture the flag between UD Ghetto and Darkside neighborhoods, this evening, and get free pizza afterward. I can hang out with some of my friends tonight. I can hang out with some of my Beta brothers. I can work on my assignments early so I do not have to worry about working this weekend. There are always options of what to do on weekends! But this weekend is the last weekend before spring break. I would like to spend as much time with academics and friends while I can!