Not a Dayton Flyer, but a Hokie

"This early morning, I was in my friends' room. I was hearing their conversation. But I cannot really focus because I found out that today is April 16, 2009. Two years ago, thirty-two men and women from beautiful Virginia Tech lost their lives.

Looking back brings a lot of memories on that fateful day. I was a junior in high school. Some of my friends were worried about their siblings and friends at Virginia Tech on that day. Many classmates were discussing about Virginia Tech. I had no clue of what is going on. I did not realize what is going on until I went home and turned on the television. When I first saw the news, I was so horrified on what I found. So many men and women got injured. So many lives were lost. The news lasted for days with much information. I could not believe who would do such terrible things. Back then, we lived in an unimaginable world. We still do in today.

Today, I am not a Dayton Flyer. For this special day, I am a Hokie.

The day after the tragedy, Nikki Giovanni, a great poet and Virginia Tech professor, moved the entire world, including the Virginia Tech community, with her powerful words. She told the Virginia Tech community and the world that ""We will continue to invent the future through our blood and tears and through all our sadness..... We will prevail...""

God bless those thirty-two people. God bless Virginia Tech. And God bless the world.