Not another crazy email again

"Yesterday, one of my friends sent me an email full of pictures that claims to make you to say ""aw crap."" In the email, he told me to wait to the very end for the last picture.

I shook my head and didn't laugh because it is the picture of President Obama during his Inauguration.

Whoever started this email must be narrow-minded person, who doesn't embrace diversity and doesn't show respect for one another.

I met so many people in my life. All are different in personal belief, religion, gender, culture, disability, and rest of the list go on. Those people help me to embrace diversity and to be tolerant of one another. There are more people to come as time goes by.

President Obama is the President of the United States. PERIOD. That's all I know. I respect him because like so many people, he is a distinguished individual.

Soon, I will be flying back to University of Dayton. Since I admire diversity, University of Dayton may be Catholic, Marianist university, there are so many people at UD who are not even Catholic, but have different faiths and/or religions.

Just because someone is different does not meant that you should disrespect him or her.