Not the Teen Section!

Before I came to University of Dayton as a first year student, I was a teen correspondent for the teen section, 757: Teens Cover the Code, in my local newspaper, the Virginian-Pilot.

What is so special about today's date? Today is the final day of 757: Teens Cover the Code. Today's 757 is the last edition. There will be no more weekly teen section in my local newspaper. That is just way too sad for me. Unbelievable!

So I would like to thank the Virginian-Pilot for keeping the teen section for so long as nearly 18 years. More importantly, I would like to thank my editor Toni for everything. I cannot imagine my life without working with my editor and the teen section. If I did not work with her, I would never ask that question in Virtual Orientation forum about journalism on campus. That question led my MyLife boss to find me and to ask me if I am interested for writing for MyLife at UD.

Working for the teen section was the highlight of my adolescent years! It is a shame that every journey has its own end.

Still unbelievable! So long, 757: Teens Cover the Code!