Oh no! Not the freshman fifteen!

Today, I went to RecPlex, which is the university's recreation center, with my buddy Mike. Today was really intense.

We ran a mile. It took us eight times to run on the 1/8 indoor track, which is located on the second floor of the RecPlex. After running for around 25 minutes, we walked an extra 1/8 of a mile. We were extremely exhausted.

Then we went swimming in the aquatic center of the RecPlex.

The time at the RecPlex is only less than an hour of our time.

RecPlex is really a good place to work out, especially that I am a freshman. There is no chance that I am going to gain a legendary 'freshman fifteen.' Freshman fifteen is a term that is used to call the weight gained by the first year students. The weight of freshman fifteen is not entirely true as long freshmen are eating healthy and working out regularly.

Me and Mike work out every week since the beginning of this month. Typically, we would work out once or twice a week depending on our schedules. Working out every week is our new year's resolution. Hopefully, we will continue working together until end of spring, then working out by ourselves over the summer, then come back and work out together again.

Freshman fifteen? No way. More like freshman zero by end of this semester.