Oh Uh, I'm turning 20 soon!

I cannot believe that I am turning 20 on Sunday!

It is so awkward. Especially that I am one of the many UD students who will not celebrate birthdays from mid-May to mid-August! I always celebrate with my UD friends for their birthdays. Now this time, there are no UD friends.

But I can tell you that it is a good thing. Why? I get to spend my birthday with my family for the next three more years. Then after that, God only knows how busy I will be after graduation.

I am very lucky to have a family. Some of my UD friends tell me that they wish to be close to their families just like I am to my family. I often told my friends that their families will always be their families, nothing is going to change that.

Most of the time, my UD friends would tell me that they put families first, friends second, then surprisingly, UD families third. UD Family is really unique. I can't tell you much about UD Family. I still have much to learn about amazing University of Dayton. People tell me that we have a strong sense of community, which is one of the reasons why UD students chose UD. Unlike them, I did not choose UD because of the community, which is something special that I never heard during my pre-UD days. I chose UD because UD chose me to be there.

I may be getting old but I am getting younger in academics! My first year is a challenge. Hopefully, I will do well on my second year and beyond since I have learned a lot of mistakes and successes from my first year.