One Freshman for All Freshmen

"Good day to y'all, mates! Guess what? Yesterday, I saw a picture of myself in SGA election ballot. SGA means Student Government Association.

I'm running for the freshman senator spot against other five candidates.

How did I get to be a candidate? Well, I was supposed to drop out last minute since I couldn't get 100 signatures in less than 24 hours before the deadline. Turned out that I have most bizarre day of my life. On the day of my deadline, I had a breakfast with my next door floormates, Nick and Shannon, and my roommate, Jared. I told them that I?m not running. They were surprised and thought that I should not quit. Jared said that we can do it, getting 100 freshmen to support me. With less than six hours left, with help of my friends, I managed to get over 100 freshmen to sign my papers, which would eventually get me into the election ballot, along with SGA student contract. It is truly amazing how everything can change in 24 hours.

I surveyed many of my friends: Jared, Nick, Shannon, Tim, Stacy, Alanna, Kate, and many more - of why I should be the leader to my class. All of them said that many freshmen do know me.

Before New Student Orientation, some people would call me ""Mister Dayton"" because I used to answer a lot of questions, asked by my classmates, about University of Dayton in Facebook and Virtual Orientation.

My new friends often thank me, because I usually introduce people to different people, so they can be friends.

Being a leader is something that I can?t see in myself. Maybe it is a hidden talent. From learning everything from my college friends, I realize that leaders are the ones that are chosen and liked by the peers around them.