One Last Talk with A Living Legend!

This extraordinary person is Father Norbert Burns. You can say that he is very famous at UD for teaching Christian marriage for nearly 62 years. And he has helped individuals and couples matters of healthy relationship. I came off campus to see him one last time before I graduate. He was happy to see me and he enjoyed reading my article in the University of Dayton Magazine! I came to talk to him about my relationships with several people around me. Of course, I talked about my relationship with a girl that I like. About this girl, Father Burns told me that Mary (the mother of Jesus) can be telling me something. This girl could be preparing me to meet my future wife. She could be the one or some girl in the future could be the one. Who knows? We also talked about my future overall! I told Father Burns that I am ready to leave UD bubble. It is time for me to let go of UD. I doubt UD would let me go for a while. Perhaps, the rest of my life!