One of many reasons to go to UD!

"""To please my family"" is what I said to my history professor, when he asked my classmates what is the reasons that we all are in history 103.

I had a history class last evening. My professor gave out the interesting introduction to his course.

He told me that ""to please my family"" is a good response. I am the first generation in my family to go and to live in a four year university.

Most of the time, I would forget the real reasons of why I am here at the University of Dayton.

My first two days of classes are not bad. Organic chemistry, physics, sociology, and history are interesting so far. I have not experience the first classes of organic chemistry lab, physics lab, and intro to music liturgy. UD started school Wednesday. My labs and music does not start until next week.

I can't wait for another day of classes.