One Saturday Morning

This morning, I went to Chipotle with my friend, Kate. We decided to walk all the way to Brown Street from Stuart Complex. It was not pretty bad walk. It took us ten minutes to walk all the way. We exchanged conversations about funny things that happened last night, where each of us want to live in the Darkside - one of student neighborhoods - in the future, our plans for Winter (I know it is too early!), and among many things.

It was my third time going to Chipotle! It was my first time going to chipotle with a friend who is not from OHIO! Kate is from New Jersey.

I remembered my first time going to Chipotle. Three of my college friends - Jared, Emily, and Liz - introduced me to Chipotle. All of them are from Ohio! Then my second time going to Chipotle was with my friends, Tim and Molly. They're also from Ohio. It was really nice of my friends taking me out to popular restaurant in Ohio. So this time, I took Kate out to Chipotle.

Once we arrived at the Chipotle, we were on time, since Chipotle usually opens at 11:00 PM. So I ordered a burrito, with a lot of RICE, to go. Thanks to New Student Orientation, I used my free Chipotle card, which was given out to every first-year student on campus.

We walked back to Stuart Complex to work on our assignments! We know it is Saturday morning! But we would like to finish our assignments, so we can have more free time this weekend!