Parents' Weekend!

This weekend is Parents' weekend. It started recent Friday. UD is filled with numerous parents and families visiting their children.

This weekend, I did not have my parents or my brothers. I was too busy with studying and working on my assignments.

Seeing the parents with their children made me to remember the good old times with my family.

Some people asked me why I did not have my parents and my brothers with me this weekend. I clearly told my mother that I don't want my family to come for the Parents' Weekend. I did not mean it in a harsh way. It is just that I usually spend time working on my assignments or studying on weekends. My mother understands the importance of my academic work. My family is in Virginia Beach, Virginia, which is 10 hours away.

I know that I could have spent more time with my family this weekend. I do not regret not having my family visiting me this weekend. After nineteen years of my life, I have spent countless times with my mother, my father, and my brothers. Those were the good times. Of course, I will remember those times. I just cannot wait to see my mom for the Thanksgiving weekend with my relatives in Beavercreek (one of Dayton suburbs) and I just cannot wait to come home to see my whole family for the winter break.