Phone Call Home

"If I change my major, then this is over. I am coming home. But I am not planning to change since I am having a hard time in chemistry. It is a powerful subject.

I just had a phone conversation with my mother. She told me that if I change my major, I am going straight home. I had no choice but to bring up my chemistry grade.

UD is a wonderful place to learn and to get involved. To come to UD is tremendously a blessing.

A great man once said that ""the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."" I have been in the service of others. It is time for me to stop doing service and to focus on why I am really here.

I really love UD. But I truly love my family back home more than UD. My family is funding my education. I would never do anything to destroy my family's trust. I did not really mean to get involved with UD. I did not really mean to get bad grades in chemistry.

I am involved with my floor as a community assistant. I am involved with this year's New Student Orientation as a Virtual Orientation Moderator for incoming freshmen. I wrote several stories for Flyer News and the Difference. I am one of the ""pledge"" brothers for my fraternity Beta Theta Pi. I am seriously afraid that all of those are going to stop. One by one, I am going to meet with each of person from each organization to let them know that with heavy heart, I cannot go on.

Not only that I have to stop doing services, I also have to stop hanging out with my friends.

Even I only have a problem with one class while I am doing well in other classes; I still have to make right choices. Even I am an independent student, but I am still dependent on my family.

I pray that I can do this.

But I am not the only student at UD who is having problems. There are others who are having problems. Many students may not have academic problem, but they also have financial and other problems. Some are considering leaving in order to save them and their families money.

We all may have to make not only right choices, but also hard decisions. I am going to try my best to improve because I really want to stay. I really do not want to go back. Not now, not ever.