Phone Call Home

"Few minutes ago, I spoke with my father about how I am doing at the University of Dayton.

Over the summer, my Father and I had our ups and downs. We do not talk much to each other.

Before I rode my last car ride to the airport, I said goodbye to my Father and told him ""thank you for everything.""

I regret for not spending much time with my Father, one of the two main people (my parents) in my life that made my life possible. My Father was in service with the US military for twenty years. His insurance helped me to have everything I need to hear and to speak. I lost most of my hearing and had difficulty speaking when I was little. Cochlear implant surgeries, speech therapies, listening rehabilitations, and many more help me a lot. All because of my Father's military service and my Mother's support.

I do have fears and regrets. As college students, we all have to make sacrifices, like leaving home and getting higher education.

For those who are in high school, do not ever forget to spend every single moment with your family and friends back home. Because within a year, you could be in same situation, having a conversation with your family back home.