Receiving A Surprise!

I found a mail in my mailbox and I was puzzled by who wrote the letter inside the envelope. I went back to my room. I opened the envelope and I still have no idea who wrote the letter. I read every line very carefully and slowly. One of the lines wrote that he had a wheelchair his whole life. I am started to realize it may be someone I know. After reading the whole letter, I finally got to read the last line. It was the name of my first-ever audiologist. He met me when I started losing my hearing at age 3. I am turning 23 in the summer and I cannot believe it has been almost 20 years! Last time, I saw him was last summer. That was our first time seeing each other for more than a decade. He specializes in audiology and hearing aids. He does not specialize in cochlear implants. That's why he is not my current audiologist. It was so great to read a letter from him! He is actually one of many of my heroes in life! Many college students came to UD with singular or multiple heroes in their lives.